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Nectar Art Prints - Chop mark 10% of our Gross Sales go to the World Wildlife Fund

This is a drop,
a grain of sand,
but I  heard a story...

A woman was speaking to college students who were graduating.
I saw this on public television.
She told the story of Hummingbird - an African story.

chop mark She said something like this:

text image - The land was burning.

All the animals ran to high ground. From there they could see how great the fire was - burning in every direction to the horizon. There was nothing they could do but watch.

Hummingbird saw the fire and flew to the lake, picked up 3 drops of water and flew back to put out the fire - back & forth & back & forth.

Hummingbird also flew up to the Mountain and asked the other animals and birds to help carry water. They talked about this and replied it was not possible to put out the fire.

Hummingbird left them and continued to fly back and forth from the lake to the fire... knowing that it could be done.

The commencement speaker asked the young people to
live such a life and do in the world what cannot be done.
This is the strength of Hummingbird.

chop mark Another story inspired me...

text image - Joel Osteen tells how a doctor friend of his wanted to do something outside his
practice, outside his "world." He took 2 weeks and went to Africa to work in a clinic.

The next year he carried several extra cases of drugs and supplies that were donated
from pharmacies. Several years later he was shipping crates of supplies and fellow doctors
joined him in Africa.

In 10 years he had grown so much that 40 million children receive a pill to protect them
from a parasite. In the near future, the doctor expects to reach 100 million or ALL of the children.

chop mark The nectar project is where my mind
can think globally because of...
All of you.
With so many people, we can put out fires.

Let me gather your 3 drops of water
and multiply them ten thousand times.


Jean Lee Habenicht

gift prints
from the painting series,
"nectar, ten thousand times"

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