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hummingbird silhouette prints
hummingbird silhouette note cards
hummingbird silhouette hummingbird
hummingbird silhouette hummingbird
hummingbird silhouette hummingbird
hummingbird silhouette hummingbird
hummingbird silhouette hummingbird
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hummingbird silhouette migration
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Even now, after so many years of "capturing" hummingbirds on film, the hummingbird photo is still precious for the patience and skill required to make it. Painting from a hummingbird photo pays homage to the hummingbird, the photographer and acknowledges conservation as a sacred trust.
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Stop-action flight and the refraction of color attracted Jean Lee to hummingbird photos and allowed her to explore a unique method of Audubon-style painting. John Audubon, of necessity, hunted and mounted birds in order to paint them6 - there were no gentle hummingbird photos to educate him.

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hummingbird gift prints

hummingbird prints
Nectar Art Prints - Chop Mark Welcome to the home of Nectar Art Prints & blank Note Cards by Jean Lee Habenicht
Hummingbird prints by Jean Lee Habenicht are brilliant in texture and color. The beauty of hummingbirds and flowers make rich hummingbird gift prints and blank note cards.

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Hummingbirds represent joy and the ability to suspend oneself, in the midst of chaos, to find the sweetness in life. Swiftness, hovering and nectaring of hummingbirds prompt us to gather the flashes of joy that allow us to defy limitation to create and do the impossible.1

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hummingbird feeders

Choosing a hummingbird feeder becomes easy when you know something about the advantages and disadvantages of various designs...

hummingbird nectar - homemade
  Hummingbirds are one of the only wild creatures that we seem to be able to feed without harm. Our “sugar water food” that we call “hummingbird nectar,” is very close in composition to the pure natural nectar they harvest from flowers11...
hummingbird food – flowers and insects
  Hummingbirds live to eat and eat to live. They must. Few creatures exist so precisely at the edge of what could be starvation.8 Yet hummingbirds are protected by adaptations that allow their tiny bodies to survive.

Hummingbird food is a pure source of sugar produced by flowers - called nectar. Hummingbirds usually gather liquid nectars...
hummingbird – traplining and foraging
  Hummingbirds have developed strategies and physical characteristics that guarantee exclusive food supplies. Their lives depend on it...

The most fascinating hummingbird feeding methods are called traplining and peripheral foraging...
hummingbird flight
  Hummingbirds fly. That sounds redundant but includes what they do NOT do. Almost all hummingbirds do not walk or hop4 as other birds do. A female hummingbird will not even stand up and rotate her place to care for her eggs. She would rather fly. She will lift up off her nest, shift her position and hover back down. Hummingbird feet allow them to perch and balance but their strength is flight.2

Hummingbird flight is more diverse than other kinds of flight...
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hummingbird migration - ruby-throated

Migration of the ruby-throated hummingbird has been an inspiration and a wonder and a scientific puzzle for years. Shrimp fishermen and workmen on oil rigs reported that they found ruby-throated hummingbirds far out in the Golf of Mexico (100 and 200 miles) where they did not belong. There were sightings along the coast of hummingbirds skimming fast over the water onto shore – annually – in step with migration cycles. Where did they come from?

Now we know that one of the common migration pathways of the ruby-throated hummingbird directly crosses the Gulf of Mexico. They fly across...

hummingbird migration - west coast

In the world of hummingbirds, around the world, very few hummingbird species are true migrants. In the US and Canada, all of our hummingbirds migrate with the exception of the Anna's hummingbird in Southern California and the Allen's hummingbird - which lives on the Channel Islands – also in California.10

Anna's hummingbirds that do not migrate are called “residents.” Some Anna's hummingbirds have small, east-west migration patterns. A core population of Anna's hummingbirds fly up into the Santa Monica Mountains...